The municipality of Delft is advancing towards providing affordable and sustainable heating to its residents with the establishment of a new district heating network in the Voorhof and Buitenhof neighborhoods.

Recently, key stakeholders, including housing corporations Woonbron, Vidomes, Stedelink, and DUWO, along with heating network operator NetVerder, heat supplier InWarmte, and heat source Geothermie Delft B.V. (GTD), have finalized agreements to facilitate the construction and operation of the district heating network. The municipality of Delft, as the initiator, has been closely involved throughout this process.

The agreements encompass various aspects, notably ensuring the provision of affordable and sustainable heat to tenants of 6,000 rental homes across Delft’s Voorhof, Buitenhof, and TU Delft Campus areas.

For more information please refer to the following press releases 1, 2 and 3.

Stek is proud to have assisted NetVerder (Stedin), Inwarmte and GTD on the project.