Track Record

Stek victorious for Liander in dispute before ACM on transport refusal

Stek victorious in appeal against the Dutch State in freedom of information litigation

Stek victorious for Liander before ACM on costs cable route study

Stek victorious for Kenter in civil liability dispute

Stek victorious for Stedin in civil litigation against Essent

Stek successful in rejecting multi million claims against former shareholders of HKB Bank

Stek victorious for Stedin in precedent-setting liability dispute

Stek successful for Enduris in dispute with Arkema

Stek successful for energy distribution companies in appeal over network tariffs 2017-2021

Stek successfully appeals attribution of cartel fine to managing partners

Stek successful for Tata Steel and Vattenfall in dispute with TenneT

Stek successful for distribution companies electricity and gas in appeal poceedings against method decisions


Track Record: Regulated Markets

Stek assists grid operators with transport capacity shortage on the electricity grid