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Stek edits a new database of European private enforcement case summaries on Kluwer Competition Law

Linde Bremmer
Ruben Elkerbout
Gerben Smit
Jan Bart van de Hel
Max Hetterscheidt

Wolters Kluwer announced the addition of European private enforcement case summaries to its online research platform, Kluwer Competition Law. Kluwer Competition Law now offers customers a user-friendly online database of European private enforcement case summaries, including court decisions from three leading jurisdictions – Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom – in English. They provide practical insight on important topics, such as limitation periods, jurisdiction, discovery, standard of proof and the passing-on defense, as well as explaining the significance of the results. The summaries are intended to help attorneys and legal counsels in their practice who can now easily navigate through case law of the most important private enforcement cases in the EU. From the get-go, Stek’s Competition Litigation team was really excited about Kluwer´s initiative to bundle summaries of these cases into one database. Stek has therefore gratefully taken on the role of editor and contributor to this database. The database will be updated quarterly with summaries of further cases.