As an entrepreneur or investor in the technology sector, your focus is on your core business like expanding your business, detecting market opportunities, and keeping up with innovations. And yet you do want to have the benefit of any legal opportunities and need to limit your legal risks. Our Technology Team provides comprehensive service that allows you to keep your focus on what really matters.

Our team

Jan Bart van de Hel

Jan Bart van de Hel

Ruben Tros

Ruben Tros

“The lawyers at Stek are business-orientated individuals, who deliver good quality against acceptable rates.”

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Our team

Multi-disciplinary team

The Stek Technology team is a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys drawn from Stek’s wide range of practice groups. The team brings a wealth of knowledge of and technology-sector experience to the table, and their integrated approach from different legal disciplines is tailored to fit your needs.

What makes us different

The team’s key strengths are:

  • Expertise in a wide range of disciplines;
  • Years of experience in the technology sector: start-ups, scale-ups, IT service providers, online platforms, and other product developers or service providers in the technology sector;
  • Short lines of communication, responsiveness, and constant partner involvement;
  • Decisive, individual, expert advice that always puts your results first;
  • Accessible top quality at competitive rates.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team members assist in a wide variety of M&A transactions in the technology sector. We advise entrepreneurs and companies selling their enterprise, in whole or in part,  and businesses considering an acquisition. We are especially experienced in technology acquisitions by financial investors or companies with investment funds as shareholders. For example, we provide advice on:

  • assisting in acquisitions (including due diligence);
  • conducting legal audits for compliance in a variety of legal areas;
  • setting up a management or employee participation plan;
  • restructuring a group or organisation (following a merger or demerger);
  • assessing the legality of possible restrictions on competition in the context of a takeover;
  • requirements to register a transaction with competition authorities, and the best course to take through that process.

Compliance & contact with authorities

The technology sector is under close scrutiny from competition authorities and other regulators. What information are you collecting and what do you do with it? Is it being used unlawfully to the detriment of consumers or competitors? How do the algorithms work? What about free pricing? Our team has extensive experience in dealing with a range of regulators and compliance issues, including questions like:

Legal proceedings

Despite your best efforts, things can still go wrong at your service provider or within your own organisation. Agreements can be broken, perhaps due to a difference of opinion, or a regulator might take enforcement action against your company. In that case, our dispute resolution experts can help you find the best possible solution, regardless of whether the dispute involves regulatory, commercial, shareholder, or liability issues.


Set out below is an overview of previous assignments of team members in the technology sector, often from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Or take a look at our track record for an extended overview.

Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Providing advice on the use of dynamic pricing by a service provider;
  • The use of algorithms by an online platform;
  • The use of price monitoring tools by a manufacturer.

Dispute resolution

  • Providing advice to a shareholder and manager of a major software company (on dynamic pricing and price monitoring, among other things) in a large-scale conflict with shareholders;
  • VBO Makelaar v Funda: alleged abuse of a dominant position by online platform Funda (ranking search results, costs, and database access), claims for damages and equal treatment;
  • Advising a software company in a conflict with an international HR service provider concerning their cooperation agreement;
  • Advising an IT company (on monitoring tools and dashboarding solutions, among other things) in a contractual dispute with a supplier;
  • Veerman q.q. (HPC Hard & Software Services B.V.,) v NVM: claim for damages due to bankruptcy caused by NVM’s obligation to use NVM’s software.

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Track record

Stek advises Jedlix in €5 million investment round

Jedlix has completed a new investment round of €5 million. The investment round was led by Japanese energy provider Osaka …

Stek advises Vitec on the acquisition of Vabi

Stek has advised Vitec Software Group AB in the acquisition of Vabi Holding B.V. Vitec is a Swedish software company. …

Stek advises Egeria on the acquisition of a majority stake in Social Blue

Stek advises Egeria on the acquisition of a majority interest in Social Blue, a Netherlands-based technology company. Social Blue is …