Airlines are able to offer more flights from Schiphol Airport this summer. The remaining capacity of flights at Schiphol Airport which was held back by Schiphol should be used this summer. That is what the District Court of Noord-Holland decided in a summary proceedings judgement started by Corendon, Easyjet and TUI. It involves around 2.700 flights. The airlines wanted to offer more flights in the summer, as there were still unused start and landing rights from last winter. Until now, each year, this unused capacity was transferred from the winter to the summer, when there was additional demand for extra flights. Schiphol however refused to transfer this unused flight capacity this year. The court ruled that Schiphol could not prove that the transfer of flights would lead to additional operational problems at the airport. Stek joined forces with AKD in assisting Corendon, initiator of the lawsuit.

Click here for the judgement (in Dutch only).