De Haan Palletindustrie/UPC Pallets and Pallethandel De Boer have become part of the Foresco Group as of 31 January 2024.

De Haan Palletindustrie, together with its subsidiaries UPC Pallets and Pallethandel De Boer, sell more than 1.4 million pallets annually, two-thirds of which are recycled and one-third newly manufactured. In addition, more than 200,000 pallets are sorted and repaired annually at these companies. Sustainability and circularity are a key focus of the Foresco Group, and the sorting, repairing and recycling of used pallets by De Haan Palletindustrie fits perfectly within this ambition.

With three locations spread across the Netherlands in Hasselt, Cothen and Zaandam, Foresco Group once again expands its network of branches.

The Foresco Group is the Benelux market leader in the production of wooden pallets, packing services and pallet recycling. Stek advised Foresco Group in this transaction.