Stek successful for Stedin in civil appeal proceedings against Gemeente De Ronde Venen

Stek has successfully represented N.V. Stedin Netten Utrecht and Stedin B.V. (‘Stedin’) in civil appeal proceedings before the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam in a dispute with municipality De Ronde Venen (Gemeente De Ronde Venen) regarding the termination of contracts relating to the repositioning of cables and pipes in the grounds of the municipality. In its ruling of 15 September 2009 the Court of Appeal has determined that these contracts could only be terminated by the municipality in case of a sufficiently important ground for termination. In this case, not enough proof was presented to establish the presence of a sufficiently important ground for termination. The Court of Appeal has therefore ruled that that the termination of the contracts by the municipality has been without effect and without any legal consequence. Please click here for the ruling (in Dutch).