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Stek contributes to Getting The Deal Through’s Market Intelligence series – Cartels 2018

Ruben Elkerbout
Linde Bremmer
Mattijs Baneke

GTDT: Market Intelligence provides a unique perspective on evolving legal and regulatory landscapes in major jurisdictions around the world. Through engaging, easily comparable interviews, the series provides the legal profession’s thought leaders with a platform for sharing their views on current market conditions and developments in the law. In the Cartels 2018 publication leading practitioners from around the world reflect on evolving legal and regulatory trends in various jurisdictions. Ruben Elkerbout, Linde Bremmer and Mattijs Baneke were selected to comment on the crucial developments in the Netherlands. In the publication, they comment on the ACM’s recent cartel enforcement actions and priorities. The cartel experts of Stek also share relevant experiences on the ACM prioritization policy, its leniency system and willingness to adopt settlement decisions. They also provide some ideas on how the ACM could improve cartel enforcement in the Netherlands: more predictable actions, more transparency on the prioritization policy and faster investigations would contribute to legal certainty and a competitive business climate.

For those interested in this publication and/or the cartel enforcement developments in the Netherlands please access the publication via this link. In case you have any questions about the publication or about cartel enforcement in the Netherlands, please let us know.