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Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies to enhance its functionality and better adjust to users’ needs. Cookies are small text files that a website places on your hard disk to register data. Our website uses functional cookies, as well as cookies used to manage web statistics (“analysis cookies”).

  • Functional cookies are strictly necessary for the web site to function correctly, and these cannot be turned off. These cookies do not require your permission;
  • Cookies for web statistics management analyse data such as what pages are most visited. These data allow us to improve our site;

Visitors to our website are kept anonymous, and the cookies our website uses can never be used to identify individual users. Stek Advocaten B.V. (“Stek”) treats all data collected using cookies with complete confidentiality.

Most browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically, and you must configure your browser settings to reject cookies if you so desire. If you do this, however, certain sections of our site may not be accessible or may not function properly.